Reasons to love/hate the Big Ten Network

Let’s start with the reasons to love Big Ten Network.
1) Melanie Collins (that’s her on the left)- she’s fresh out of Penn State, and BTN clearly hired her to fit the Erin Andrews mold, since she had virtually no experience before NBAtv.  However, she’s hot, and nice to watch.  Needs to work on her delivery on Big Ten Tonight. Just do a Google image search and you can find all kinds of dirt she did (including Flyers forward Scottie Upshall) at PSU.  We won’t hold her accountable.

2) Big Ten’s Greatest Games – I’ve always questioned whether these games are even great, or whether they just take games that are close in score and put them on.  Not too many Indiana football games on there though.

3) Every game is on – If you’re lucky enough to have all the alternate channels, you can see any team you want.  Great deal by them.
4) Charissa Thompson – She is really, really good.  Great delivery, clearly understands football.  You can see why Fox put her on their NFL games now.

5) Softball games – At NU we are starting a storied tradition of softball excellence.  Who doesn’t love to see Lauren Delaney hit 6 batters and walk another 13, all while winning 14-13?

5 1/2) THE REVVVVERRRR – NU alum Dave Revsine.  No hot pics of him.

We also practice balanced journalism (minus the asking questions part) here (get both sides).

1) The programming besides games is terrible – anyone (Jim Delany?) who thought having a full-on network dedicated to Big Ten universities clearly has no experience in television.  If you don’t have solid programming for the majority of the day, you won’t do well.  From what I hear on the inside, BTN is making money, but their ad revenue is ehhhhh, but their Saturdays are saving them.

2) Problems with DirecTV – Since they are kind of owned by DirecTV (NewsCorp), it’s somewhat pathetic that some people with DirecTV couldn’t get games this past weekend.  That should be ironed out.
3) It took a long time to get on all providers – The network’s choice to ask cable providers for about $1 per month per customer was insane.  That’s $12 a year you could have paid just to watch about 20 games a year.  Some like it, most don’t.

4) Does anyone watch besides on Saturdays between 11am CT and 9pm CT?

5) Finally, the chachbag to the left – Mark Silverman is the network exec, came over from Disney, and is just a walking bullshit machine.  He put the blame on Comcast, when they were asking a pretty-penny from Comcast, all while shutting out Big Ten fans.

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